Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The happy birdwatchers and the red thing

Work has been a bit crazy and busy and time consuming.
But: the cats are happy.
We have a French door opening up to not much else than an all too intimate view into our neighbour's bathroom and the rooftops and the park beyond.
And recently some nice little sparrows playing and twittering in the gutter.
Until yesterday I had an ill assortment of not too healthy houseplants gathered in front of it.
But seeing the cats jumping around in same houseplants for a better view of the birdies, I decided to give them a better and more comfortable spot for birdwatching.
(With less risk of downtrodden orchids and mulch all over the place.)
So away went the plants and instead an old padded bench was installed.
And the cats have been happily twittering at the twittering birds and can now keep a closer eye on our neighbour's grooming habits.
And they didn't sleep a wink all afternoon, which is very unusual.

As for the red thing. I'm actually very nearly done!
And it's very exciting. Mostly because I've made it up as I went along. And also because I may have invented the seamless set in sleeve.
Knitting it has been a bit of a challenge. Not because of the inventing things and making it up, but because the yarn is Laurenz' all time favourite.
He wants to lie on it, play with it, groom it, cuddle it. Anything but let me knit it.
He has very good taste when it comes to yarn. And so when I've wanted to knit this is what I've met:
But all I have left to do now is the neckline. If only Laurenz will let me.