Monday, April 30, 2007

There is hope

I have hand delivered my beautiful machine to a friend, who claims that one of his colleagues is a well known wizard when it comes to help the Apple-kind into remembering where they put their hard drive.
I am keeping my fingers crossed.
All the way to the exam office, where, hopefully, there will be another wellknown wizard when it comes to help rather overworked students into sitting their exam this term in spite of lost hard disks.
I'll worry about the other papers on the disk another day.
When I have a verdict from the tech wizard.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

This doesn't happen in the real world

It's just something you hear happening to someone else.

My hard disk has died.
Actually it may not have died, it may just have left.
Even if I've checked and it's still there.
So while it's still here physically, it is not here in spirit, or whatever it would take for disk utility and diskwarrior and fsck to find it and repair it and make all well again.
And I still have a paper to hand in tomorrow. A full 12 pages of thorough wellwritten cleverness to hand in, plus the practical website project, of course.
Not to mention the other four papers due this semester.
All on the non responsive hard disk.

And I very nearly want to say to he** with good healthy sleeping and eating patterns, I'll just write a quick and nifty little replacement, and let them get the gist of the site from the test-page I uploaded just to check if the menu really did work across platforms.
The rest of the site is in the little sites folder on the hard disk.
But.... I've spent far too much time and energy on this, and it cannot just be replaced in a night of frenzied writing. Even if most is still somewhere inside my head, right now I'm too stressed and tired and stunned to find it.
And hoping that someone can bring my hard disk back.
That if I wait ten minutes, maybe it will suddenly be there when I turn on the machine. Again. While holding my breath. And wishing.
The beautiful machine, that cannot find its own bloody hard disk.

So I've sent my very nice teacher an email letting him know the situation and asking if there is any way I can sit the exam before next winter.
A dead hard disk is not illness.

Back up. Back up. Back up.

Now I'll go for a walk, kick some trees.
Refrain from returning to smoking, even if I suddenly wish I had not quit those many months ago.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

There are things I just don't get

And one of them is now the point of subscribing to a magazine you either receive several months after publication date - or not at all.

A lovely friend gifted me with a subscription for Vogue Knitting in December.
However the first issue I received was the Winter issue, which would have been fine, if I had not had to wait until early April to receive it. Last season's wintry knits just aren't very interesting when every thing around you is yelling Freshly New Spring.
And I have yet to see the Spring/Summer issue, which came out late March.
And now my actual seeing the Spring/Summer issue of Vogue Knitting will require that I find a place to buy it as I received a very nice email from them saying that they "apologize that it is permanently out of stock".

And here I was in love with that paper chase dress and the heirloom baby knits (because I have a very new god daughter) and the lovely white lacy knits.
But that's just .... bah. Too bad. Because for some odd reason they forgot to send me my copy before they ran out.
So at least now I know there is no point in racing to the mail box to see if it has finally arrived.
Because it will not.

I wish I wasn't so very disappointed. As it is after all just a magazine.
About knitting.
With beautiful patterns.

But I do have more important things to think about, and I should, and it's still just a magazine, and so I will.

And I hope the nice people at Vogue Knitting don't expect a renewal of the subscription once this expires.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

There was only room for one in the Kitty Pi

But sunny spots enough for all to enjoy.

Kitty pi in the sun

The kitty pi has been largely ignored since its first, and only, day of Being of Interest.
In spite of costly wool and not very comfortable knitting with incredibly large needles.

But being placed in a sunny spot it has finally returned to the list of Best Places to Take a Nap.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finishing the Elfin

I finished "her" this morning.
And I love it and so do the cats.

Mmmm, Silky Tweed.

Move? Who? Me? I'm not going anywhere.
I've managed a few catless photos - but they're to be found on the Domiknitrix KAL

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I have....

First of all I have a new modem. The second new modem in one month.
The old one burned out.
The first new one did too.
But the second new one is still not burned out at all.

I also have what may very well be the most beautiful yarn in the world.

Recycled Sari Silk Yarn. It is gorgeous and shiny and so very soft and glistens in the colours of all the jewels of the world.
I am so very much in love with this yarn and pet it very gently while wondering if I ever can bear to knit with it.

It came in a box full of wonders (which Vincent the Helpful assisted in unpacking) from the lovely Linnea, along with a pattern for fingerless gloves and matching dpns and chocolatey goodness and a wonderful, beautiful and very inspiring book:

I've seen this book, and read a bit about it. But none of what I've seen or read has done it justice. It's so very inspiring, and I really like the focus on who, why and how rather than what.
And I will absolutely use it and try to do something good for someone - once I've done my bit on the five exam papers and projects I have to hand in during the next two months.

I also have cats enjoying the return of the sun.

And I have a garden which has exploded in colours and floral abundance this past month.

My gorgeous landlord isn't much the gardening type, so it's all a bit wild and left to itself - and it's probably the prettiest garden in the street, even if it's trying to escape through the fence:

And I wish I knew the name of this one:

It has a few days yet before it once again becomes this glorious fairytale tree of flowers, and then it will be only a day or two before same flowers are strewn across the lawn.

I also have made progress on the Elfin Bride. In spite of myself, and red wine, and a strong inability to properly read patterns.
But I plan (hope) to finish it this week, so that I can concentrate fully on the exams. It is the most interesting and exciting and beautiful piece of knitting I have ever encountered (not that that really says much, but still....).
And it's very addictive.

And I have two weeks before handing in the first exam paper/practical project.
And I have a cold, which may actually be some kind of hay fever.
And I have new shoes. Beautiful shoes.

And no actual news or interesting things to tell. At all.