Saturday, October 28, 2006

Warmed and delighted by Rae's care-package

Yesterday I finally made it to the postoffice to pick up my package from Rae, who has spoiled me as part of the Hot Socks Swap extravaganza.
(Damn work and courses and having to pick it up at strange postoffice I've never been to before and had to look up on map before finding. Otherwise I could have brought home these delights much sooner.)
The cats were of course very helpful during the opening ceremony. The lovely yarn made Vincent, his usual graceful self, snort loudly in appreciation. I already have plans for them! The lovely lilac Lang Jawoll will become a pair of Fancy Silk Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks, while the wonderful white Louet Gems will become Aran Sandal Socks from Socks, Socks, Socks.
I love the Numi tea, and not just the tea itself, but also the clever, amusing packaging.
I had the Simply Mint last night before going to bed, and couldn't bring myself to dispose of the wrapping which I sniff every time I pass the kitchen counter, while smiling at the direction "While humming, bring fresh water to boil (....) Let the soothing taste warm and delight you".
It's heaven!
Only problem is, now I cannot decide if the next cup should be "Bushman's Brew" ("Unlike teas, Honeybush will not grow bitter, nor shall you"), or "Red Mellow Bush" ("Sip and dissolve your worries away"), or "Chinese Breakfast" ("Like you this tea is well-balanced"), or .....
Can you fall in love with teabags?
And then I have not even mentioned the lovely Chai spice tea!
Or the most beautiful post-it notes ever made.
And there are scented candles in my favourite scents - lilac and vanilla, how could Rae possibly know?

One part aristocat, one part yarn-snorting guard-cat

When we have company, Vincent does his best to appear elegant and aristocratic, just as a fine Oriental is supposed to be. However, when we are alone he snorts loudly in appreciation of 100% merino sock yarn.
(And he barks at the gardener.)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Oh, no, it's just pizza

Lunchroom at work, early evening.
I read the paper having finished my pasta salad.
A young colleague walks by, carrying a pizza box.
I don't remember his name.
He opens the door to the courtyard, nods in way of greeting.
Me: "So you're dining al fresco?"
Him: "Oh, no, it's just pizza"
It's pretty chilly outside, though.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh, a bed sock

I have finished the first Bed sock.
And I love it.
It is soft, and cosy, and comfortable and pretty - and quite quickly knit.
I love the pattern, in particular the triangle formed by the gusset decreases.
And as the first storm this autumn is approaching, nice warm socks are very much needed up here under the roof. Thanks to much yoga, this photo wasn't that hard to take.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

From evening stockings to bed socks

I love Knitting Vintage Socks, and I love the local library for letting me borrow it.
Having finished the Evening Stockings I have moved with the clock and started on the Bed Socks.
Soft, soft, black alpaca.
I love them already
And Laurenz looooves alpaca.
Mmmmm, alpaca.

A square for Grandmother Purl

I too have knitted a square for Grandmother Purl, and I loved knitting this. And for a short while it felt like I had my own grandmother to knit for.
Of course the center-motif is .... off-center.
But that's how it is.
Gives it the right hand-made touch, I think.
And I have to admit, I didn't love knitting it enough to frog and knit again.
Modelled by the ever-present Vincent, who thinks it's a bit small for a blanket, but nice and warm anyway.

White socks

I have knitted my very first pair of socks.
Lovely, white, light, woolly socks.
And even if I did knit them myself I'm still baffled by the fact that it is possible to knit a sock, a fine, finely shaped sock from just one long string of yarn - using wooden sticks.
The wonders of this world, we live in. (Among which I probably should not count my socks, but still....)
Modelled by the lovely Vincent:

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The old fur project

I once inherited an old fur.
I do not quite remember when, where, or who. Could be my evil stepsister's husbond's stepmother.
Black astrakhan. Strangely cut, with narrow shoulders, narrow, illfitting sleeves, and too much bulk everywhere else.
I've never worn it. And while I would not buy a fur coat, I've never wanted to get rid of it either. The fur was first worn by a warm, breathing, living animal and as such should not be discarded because of bad tailoring.
So I've always thought that someday I would turn it into something else, someting fitting me a little better.
And now that it is growing increasingly chilly outside, now is the time. Especially as this week I have two full days off.
Which is such a rarity.
And should be put to good use - some of that good use will involve friends and fresh air, but also the old fur project.
I am in the process of taking it apart. Making it possible to see how much I have to work with.
I'm planning a short, fitted jacket. But how I'll cut depends on the result of the cutting apart.

My week in the shape of a pie

Having a full time job while studying full time is not ideal.
Far from it.
The white slice represents the time left for knitting, the cat-cuddling, .... drinking coffee, shopping, cooking, eating, bathing, doing laundry, going to the post-office, to the bank, or to the library, the time for cleaning, sewing, pleasure-reading, keeping plants alive, dancing (far too little), making the bed, drawing, seeing lovely people, exhibitions, concerts and movies. And all the other "little" things, not scheduled.
Which is probably why I'm not as elaborate, or witty or ... clever as I would like to be on this page. It's not as important, not as necessary, as other things are.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New white socks

So far just one in progress. The wonderful library got me Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks, and I've started on the Evening Stockings for a Young Lady.
The cats have only played with it a little, giving me hope that this I might actually get to finish.

Laurenz loves Vigdis

Vigdis in progress is perfect for snuggling

Monday, October 09, 2006

Vigdis - back on track

After a weekend feeling snotty and peevish I have at least made some progress on Vigdis - if little else. While Vincent claimed the Kitty Pi for himself not bothering Laurenz one bit Now it is Monday, the part of the day labelled work is over, and it's dark and cold outside, light and .... less cold inside, and there are cats, wine and yarn waiting in the sofa. Quite perfect for a Monday.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Vigdis - day ... who's counting anyway

After a not too productive week in the knitting department, I had just finished the second pattern repeat on Vigdis, when I realised, that I have made one very big, very visible mistake in the left side crossing -over-of-cables.. And not just once, but twice.
Now I have started over, almost.
Cursing my lack of pattern-following skills.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Vigdis - days three to five

A very long day at the university was followed by two equally long days at work, but I have made some progress on Vigdis. "She" is a bit squeezed at present as I keep forgetting to find time for buying her a fitting round needle. And I have now learned to follow the pattern. And I want to learn to cable without those pesky cable needles. However I now understand why they come in pairs, as cats obviously find them to be the most Brilliant Things to Run off With.

Orchid falls victim to wild cat chase

Will spend rest of its life in glass of water.

One sock in its making

I am now halfway through the first of hopefully two socks In spite of thorough sabotage, which has made it less fun than it probably could have been. But at least now I know the pattern in my sleep.