Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The jacket gone bag

The bag is finished! I can barely believe it, but it is!
I had the old leather jacket, as already mentioned.
In addition to this I had an old thrift store bag, made from a strange, slightly greasy piece of crochet but with a gorgeous handle.
And when the handle met the bits and pieces salvaged from the old leather jacket, this is what happened:
With lots of lovely little pockets inside for keeping me organized. Or attempt to.
And breaking only one needle in the process.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Four needles in one day

I have the day off sick and even if the cats would very much prefer I stay in bed, I thought I would try to use the day well.
So I started on the from-jacket-to-bag-project.
Mostly because I could use a bag other than the Hayden Harnett wonder I carry around everywhere I go, but also so that I can show off something to prove that I live up to The Pledge.
Not having bought anything new isn't really enough.
The leather jacket I bought in New York 10 years ago and have worn spring to autumn ever since is no more.
It was torn and worn and had more than done it's duty.
Still there were patches and bits of leather here and there not worn to paper thinness.
And since parting with the jacket completely would nearly break my heart, I thought those bits and pieces could become a bag.
But four broken needles later all I have is a very pretty lining.
And all this is to become a lovely bag:
Once I have more needles.
So I'll just return to my knitting.

Scones obsession

I have developed a slight obsession with scones.
Mostly because they are delicious and amazingly quick to make.
And my favourites are spinach/feta scones, combining yummy home baked goodness with vitamins and other good things.
I would like to think they are my own invention, but there may very well be others with the same idea.
This is how mine comes into being - and then quickly being eaten:
250 g plain flour with
4 teaspoons baking powder
Rub in
50g cold butter - I grate it in, making this faster and easier
1 tablespoon dried herbs (I use a Mediterranean mix I got from somewhere) and
a small handful lightly crumbled feta cheese
I let
two frozen spinach balls thaw in a glass with
1 dl boiling water and add this with
1/2 dl milk
to make a soft but not sticky dough.
And as I have neither room nor patience for rolling and cutting I just shape 8-10 flat, round scones and place these on the baking sheet.
Bake 12-15 minutes at 225C
And it seems the nasty sinus infection has decided to return for a while and I'm staying at home, close to my bed, today.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Dusting the old books

I have inherited a couple of dress-making books from my grandmother.
One, my favourite, from 1949. Klip og Sy Selv (Cut and Sew) - New Method by Mme Lyse de Landroy.

In addition to the strict yet clever advice on fit and style, such as"Being well dressed is a duty", it has beautiful patterns. All patterns are drawn in grid, so that even if the original gridded sheets, one for each size, have vanished, they should be possible to recreate.
One chapter is devoted to recycling clothes, which is natural given the year of publication.
And these are the words:
From a men's coat: a women's coat, other kind of coat, a women's jacket, a loose coat, a boy's coat, a girl's coat - and then the remnants can be used for various purposes.
From a men's suit: a women's suit, a dress, a child's coat
From a pair of men's trousers: a skirt, trousers for boys up to 10 yrs old.
From a skirt: a child's dress, a sports jacket for girls or boys, a skirt for a girl, trousers for boys up to 6 yrs old.
From a blouse or a skirt: a child's dress up to 10 yrs old.
From a summer dress: a summer blouse for a suit.
From two women's pullovers: one new pullover.
From two men's shirts: one men's shirt.
From one women's pullover: a child's pullover, two pairs of socks.
From two old sheets from grandmother's days: a splendid summer coat.
From an old piqué bedspread: an adorable home dress.
From a duvet cover: an adorable summer dress So, if I lacked inspiration to go forth with living up to the pledge, I've found it.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The beginning of the Elfin Bride

I've had a bit of a fever all week, and today I just could not find the energy to go to work. So I've just been reading, sleeping, and playing with the cats.
And knitting a bit.
I have found my camera, and can now prove that not only has the Elfin Bride/Gothlet pattern been released but I have actually had the courage to start.
Only because the pattern is exceptionally well written and very detailed, and because In addition Jennifer Stafford offers a brilliant visual aid gallery showing the complete process.
I fell in love with this piece of knitted genius during my first forays into the online world of knitting.
And it still seems a bit unreal that I am actually attempting it.
Of course i have already shown disobedience by not using the recommended cotton, mostly because I was eager and impatient to start, and March will be a bit low on the money front, but also because my lovely green Silky Tweed seems so very perfect for it.

And the first sign that it's meant to be, is that first swatch hit gauge right on.

And now that the camera is back, a kitty picture is in order: Vincent says hello.