Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vigdis - day two

As I should perhaps have expected I did get bored with the simple, nice, easy sleeve. And to counter the boredom I started on the front, which is much more interesting, offering new exciting things such as cables. However, at the crucial point, the cats were weighing me down, and the book was out of reach,... so I let the cables turn whichever way I felt like. Which is not exactly as described in the pattern. But I hope that will just be the personal touch and not a direct way into trouble. I will probably find out later.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vigdis - day one

From the very first moment I thought about playing with needles and yarn, I've wanted to knit the Vigdis sweater from Elsebeth Lavold's Wiking patterns. Ok, I have been knitting for only a few weeks, I think, and it may have been the third or fourth book I brought home from the library, so "very first moment" is ... not really very precise, but close enough. And today I have started. It may be my downfall. But I am well on the way through the first nice, simple, easy sleeve. Starting out slowly and carefully. Not yet a cable in sight.

Kitty pi bed process

First: recognizing need for Kitty Pi bed:
Then: yarn purchase (do not yet have suitable stash) followed by yarn inspection.Followed by a lot of knitting and waiting and knitting and waiting And finally it is ready to meet the washing machine..... And after the washing, further inspection: And then the happily sleeping pi filling:With a few loose threads still in need of snipping.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Kitty Pi bed is done

The bed is done. Very big and beautifully oval and the bad cats love it. And my hands are slowly healing from knitting chunky wool using gigantic needles. Camera is gone, however. Has taken a short vacation, off somewhere, I guess. Otherwise I would have documented the stretched out sleeping love of the kitty pi bed. Hopefully they still love it when it returns. And I may even get some sockknitting done.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kitty pi bed project

I've by now guessed that the consistent sabotage of my sock-knitting may well be caused by the cats lusting for a kitty pi bed. However, after buying lovely wool and gargantuan needles for the project I'm not much inclined to invest in something biggish and round for the blocking. And it will need to accomodate to longlegged cats who like to stretch out. So I've decided to make them an oval kitty pi using my laundry basket where the original calls for some tupperware pie thingy. Below are the calculations for the project, considering size of the basket, gauge and allowance for shrinkage - and ovalness. The cats have tried the basket on for size, and it looks just about right. However, I don't think its a good sign, that after three days of knitting I already refuse to follow a simple, easy pattern. But if the cats are happy - socks may be made.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Appearances deceive

And they look so very innocent when sleeping

Oh, well

I had completely forgotten about this. But somehow now that I have decided to quit the cigarettes and take up knitting instead I do for some reason find a need for a place to record my progress - and hopefully not the lack of same. I have for the fourth time started knitting a black sock, later to be paired with a second black sock. Lovely light and soft black alpaca wool. Unfortunately the snotty siamese bad cats also find it lovely light and soft and have unravelled the first three sock-attempts, leaving sad little heaps of black shredded wool and small bits of beautiful ribbing on the living room floor. From now on the to-be-socks sleep in an old cookie jar at night. And I'm still smoking.