Sunday, December 07, 2008

December already

I have been busy.
Work mostly, and a lot of knitting.
To put it very nicely these are interesting days in the financial sector.
So I think we all run as fast as we can and do our damnedest to prove our worth.
Last week I went to Oslo. I had not been there since I was a child and it was my first visit to our office there.
Of course on one of the few days when it's really important that you look professional and tidy you wake up just that bit too late to a home without electricity.
(I will have to figure out how to make coffee with only candles and a lighter at my disposal.)
So if it had not been for the mirror in the airport bathroom I would have arrived with mascara in funny places.
There was not much to be done about the cat hair, and next time I have to lint-roll clothes in the dark, I should probably chose not to wear a black woolen dress.
There is something incredibly marvelous about having breakfast (warm rolls with cheese, orange juice and coffee) with a view to morning sunshine in a blue sky above white clouds. I will have to bring my camera next time.
And then approaching Gardermoen with a view to a snow covered landscape looking like something out of a fairytale.
It completely evened out the less than perfect start to the day.

I can barely believe it's December already.
We had snow here in the end of November. Actual snow that stayed on the ground and rooftops for more than a few hours.
I like snow. It's pretty and in addition to its sparkly prettiness it serves as a layer of insulation up here in our little home under the roof.
The cats are happy that their stupid human has finally understood the importance of turning on the radiators.
But my camera refuses to talk to my computer.
So instead of roasting cat boys we have the pair sleeping on their bench in front of the french doors. Before the drafty season started.

I'm almost done with the Henry scarf.
The sewn bind'off is however driving me completely mad. Or is at least trying to.
I'll probably have to get mildly drunk if I'm to find the courage to attempt it again. The ribbed pullover is very nearly done. But I'm having second thoughts.
So I've cast on for a Hemlock Ring Blanket for my favourite colleague.
And a Lily sweater for myself.
And a Bainbridge scarf for lovely ex-colleague.
Laurenz would like to request that all yarn always be sent wrapped in paper:

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Batty said...

These are interesting times for sure!

Oslo... I've never been, but I hear it's beautiful. And yarn and paper? My fuzzies agree. One is in a box as we speak, and the other is licking tape. The silly boy looooves the taste of sticky tape. He's such a gluehead.